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Im sure that any drug could affect a pregnancy test.

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Using meth should not cause a false negative pregnancy test result. Pregnancy tests detect the presence of the hormone hCG in urine, which is produced during pregnancy. Drug use should not interfere with this process.

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Q: Could using meth cause a false negative pregnacey?
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Is it true or false for an ionic compound the name of the negative ion comes first?

False. In an ionic compound, the positive ion (typically a metal) is usually named first, followed by the negative ion (typically a nonmetal).

True or False The most abundant negative ion in extracellular fluid is calcium?

False. The most abundant negative ion in extracellular fluid is chloride, not calcium. Calcium is usually found as a positively charged ion in extracellular fluid.

Does poor sensitivity or poor specificity cause a false positive from the reaction between inoculating loop and hydrogen peroxide?

Poor specificity would likely cause a false positive reaction between an inoculating loop and hydrogen peroxide, as this would indicate a non-specific reaction occurring. In contrast, poor sensitivity would not directly cause a false positive in this context, rather it may result in a false negative if the test is not able to detect the presence of a specific target.

Can deoderant or hairspray cause a false pos on alcohol blood test?

Deodorant or hairspray typically do not contain alcohol in amounts significant enough to cause a false positive on an alcohol blood test. However, using an alcohol-based mouthwash shortly before a test could potentially lead to a false positive due to the alcohol content.

What cause false reading in hair testing when you no that you been doing drugs?

False readings in hair drug testing can occur due to external contamination from drug residues in the environment or from cosmetic products. However, if you know you have been using drugs and get a negative result, it could be due to various reasons such as low drug concentrations or drug use occurring outside the detection window of the test. It is essential to follow the proper specimen collection and testing protocols to minimize the risk of false readings.

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Can antihistamines cause false negative pregnancy test?

Promethazine (Phenagren) can cause a false negative.

Can atenolol cause a false negative pregnancy test?

Can atenolol cause a false negative

Can having a BV cause a false negative on a pregnancy test?

BV won't cause a false negative on a pregnancy test.

Can coffee cause a false negative test?


Can Zyrtec cause a false negative preg Nancy test?

Yes. Antihistamines can cause a negative result

Does the mini pill cause false negative pregnancy result?

No. Taking the test too soon causes false negative.

Can anemia cause a false negative on a home pregnancy test?

No. The only thing that will cause a false negative on a HPT is testing too early. See your DR for a blood test.

Can vitamin c cause false negative pregnancy results?

No it can not.

Where can you find a list of medications that cause false negatives on home pregnancy test?

can atenolol cause a false negative on a pregnancy test

Can a kidney infection cause a false positive result in a pregnancy test?

Some infections in the kidney can cause false positive dipstick test results but not false negative.

What can cause a false negative chlamydia test in males?

Urinating within hours of the urine or swab test, not using the first urine that comes out, or inadequate swabbing can all cause a false negative chlamydia test. In addition, testing too soon after exposure, or recent exposure to partially effective antibiotics could cause a negative test that would be positive within a couple of more weeks.

Can adhd medications cause a false negative pregnancy test?

no way!