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Yes! You could have pre-eclampsia. My son was born at 34 weeks because I developed this condition, which includes high blood pressure, protein in the urine and swelling in the feet and legs. You need to call your doctor immediately and go in to get checked. If you have developed this condition, the placenta could no longer be functioning properly. It is normal, I had such swollen feet that I had to buy new shoes. It is important to look at your feet first thing in the morning, they should be normal size. if they are still swollen before you get out of bed call your doctor right away, this means you have high blood pressure. This happened to me and didn't call right away because I had an appiontment that morning. My BP was 198/110 extremly high. just monitor it and tell your doctor.

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Q: Could something be wrong if you are 34 weeks' pregnant and very swollen and numb in your hands feet and legs?
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Well it could be because of your blood pressure, an animal or insect bite... There are several things that it could be, really.

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No, masterbating or licking your hands won't get you pregnant. Sperm from a male needs to enter your vagina and meet up with and fertilise one of your eggs for you to get pregnant.

Causes of swollen hands?

usally allergic reactions

Can pregnant women eat sweet corn?

Unless the doctor said no corn, pregnant women can eat sweet corn. If she is retaining water (very swollen feet and hands) or having high blood pressure, she might have to eat it without salt.

How do you know when you are carrying water weight?

swollen hands and ankles.

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What does pressure headaches and swollen hands or feet mean?

Go to the doctors.....

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Swollen joints in your hands can indicate you may have arthritis. The other symptoms of arthritis are joints that are stiff, inflamed, and painful. The joints affected can be in your hands, feet, and wrists.

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This condition is pre-eclampsia where there is edema because too much protein and salt in the diet. Most pregnant women get swollen feet without pre-eclampsia. Your hands and arms can also swell. You are retaining more water and it is not dangerous.

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slidding down a rope for 3 mins