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Throwing up can be from all kinds of things. There is a good possibly that you could be pregnant.

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Q: Could i be throwing up 9 days after sex if im pregnant?
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Can you be pregnant if you got your period two days after sex?

If you have had ur period 2 days after you have had sex then your not pregneant, but if your period is late after haveing sex then you could be pregnant!

How do you know that you're getting pregnant?

You know that you might be pregnant after you have had sex at a fertile time. The start of pregnancy is two or three days after the sex, and nothing indicates that you are definitely pregnant for many days after that.

Could you get pregnant on day 11 if your cycle is 32 days?

could i be pregnant if i had sex 10 days after my period if i have a 33 day cycle

I am two days late on my period can i be pregnant?

If you have had unprotected sex, and now you are two days late , then you could very well be pregnant.

Your period lasted only two days could you be pregnant?

it depend did you have sex

What if you had unprotected sex and then got your period two days later Could you still be pregnant?


Can you be fertile 2 days after you had your period and had protected sex?

Yes, you could be fertile 2 days after your period. However, if you had protected sex, the chances of you getting pregnant are low

Is it possible if you had unprotected sex three days before your period could you be pregnant you started your period though just wondering if possible since your period was so close when you had sex?

Anytime you have sex, period or no, you can get pregnant.

What if your period is due in twelve days and you and your boyfriend had unprotected sex last night could you be pregnant?

YES. Doesn't matter when you have unprotected sex, short of doing it when you are actually on your period you can get pregnant.

Your boyfriend came inside of you twice on two different days after your period could you be pregnant?

Of course you can be anytime you have unprotected sex you may become pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period last one day?

no you do not get a period if you are pregnant but that does not mean it is okay to have unprotected sex on your period sperm can live for 10 days

I have cramping like i am going to get my period.i am do four my priod in 4 days could i be pregnant because my brest heart.?

If you've had unprotected sex then you can be pregnant.