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You will only get this milky discharge during pregnancy when you are 3-5 months into the pregnancy. Its most likely too much progesterone in your blood. See your doctor about the discharge.

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Q: Could a milky white substance coming from your breast indicate you are pregnant?
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Would it be normal if you have milk like substance coming out of your breast?

yes if your pregnant or just had a baby

I'm not pregnant so why is milk coming from my breast?

i am not pregnant so why milk coming from my breast

Why do you have milk coming from your breast?

you are probably pregnant

You have milk coming out of your breast?

You must be pregnant.

Can you have milk coming out of your breast when you are three-weeks pregnant?


Can you have breast milk coming out from your breast when you are one-week pregnant?

No, not til 6/7 months

I'm not pregnant but have clear liquid coming out of breast?

you need a man

Are you pregnant if you have white liquid coming from breast?

YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTER!!!!! no not all ways some times your breast just has liquid coming from it just to come out

Why breast are coming out for women?

Breasts are for feeding the babies. They contain glands that produce milk when you are pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have a cloudy substance coming out of your breast?

From my personal experience, yes you -could- be pregnant but it could also be from stress or other outside influences. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test or better yet, go to the doctor. Only a doctor can really tell you for sure.

Meaning of tenderness in the breast?

The hormones in your body are changing, they change when you have periods and also when you are pregnant, IF you are pregnant it is also the milk coming down slowly too.

Why does a white fluid comes out of breast when squeezed even if not pregnant?

if you have colstrum coming out and your not pregnant you need to make an appoitment with your Gyno asap it could be a sign of something worse like breast cancer. Call your doctor ASAP!!!!

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