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these cooeys were made in the 1950 to 60 era records are not available, value $50

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Q: Cooey Model 840 serial number 3287c?
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How old is a cooey model 84 serial 10588?

I own a Cooey Model 84, serial number 7690 estimated to be manufactured circa 1950. Cooey began making shotguns in 1948.

Where is serial number on Winchester cooey model 600?

The serial number is on the passenger side of the receiver, just rear of the barrel. If there is no serial number your cooey was manufactured before 1968, when no s.n. was required.

How can you determine the year a Winchester Cooey Model 39 rifle was produced?

By the serial number on the rifle.

What year was a Cooey Model 64B serial Ca60905 made?

what year was model 4b serial number cao86767 made

What year was the cooey model 75 made?

Model 75 was made from 1931-1961 by Cooey (Canada) and then bought out by Winchester who made them as Model 750s until 1978. If you have no serial number that is due to the change in the Manufacturing laws. 1968 and after should have serial numbers.

How old is the 22 Cooey rifle model 60?

If there is no serial number it, it was made between 1903 and 1961

What year would your Cooey Model 64 B 22 calibre semi auto. rifle be Serial number is CA035420?

Need serial number please.

What year is a cooey 12 gauge model 84 made serial number 11656.?

No published sn data.

What is the age and value of a cooey model 840 serial number 21092?

$50-$150 depending on condition. In Canada

How old is your 12 gauge cooey model 840 shotgun serial 368290?


Do some cooey model 64 auto rimfires come with out serial numbers?

I have one without a SN.

22 Cal mod 39 and the serial is HS 1714 What year was it manufactured?

Well, a model 39 .22 implies to me that it may be a Cooey or Winchester/Cooey. The only thing is Cooey never put serial numbers on their rifles. Winchester did after they bought Cooey around WW II. So therefore I would say post 1964 for your rifle.