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Q: Comparison of olden days and modern days means of communication?
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What are the two major type of communication?

the two major types of communication are traditional and modern communication the traditional communication was mainly used in the olden days . while modern is the kind we use today

What is the difference between olden and modern means of transport?

Olden means of transports were slow and modern transports are fast.

Which methods of communication was available in olden days?

Not to sound sarcastic, but this depends on what is meant by "communication" & "olden days." Communication can be interpreted to mean writing, ways/means of transmitting information, trade, etc., and olden days could mean everything from prehistoric times to the 19th Century. If you can be more specific, I (and I'm sure others) can give you a better answer...

Difference between modern days transportation and olden day?

transport difference in olden age & modern age

What type of communication were used at the olden days?


What is the difference between olden day and modern day food?

olden day's is healthy morden day's is unhealthy

What is the difference in old trains and modern ones?

compare olden trains with modern trains

How were means of communication used olden times?

old times meaning when? Communication has been in many form from tv radio letters telogram mores code messenger smoke signals hope this helped with little to go off of

What is Edinburgh's nickname?

Auld Reekie, which means Old Smoky in Scottish. This is because in olden days when other means of modern fuel was unavailable, chimneys would give lots of smoke.

What is the difference between coins in olden days and modern days?

There's more copper in coins of today than in olden days.

What is the difference between the olden times and modern times womens?


How is modern transportation better than olden transportation?

The modern transportation is way faster and more convenient.

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