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old times meaning when? Communication has been in many form from tv radio letters telogram mores code messenger smoke signals

hope this helped with little to go off of

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Q: How were means of communication used olden times?
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What type of communication were used at the olden days?


Which methods of communication was available in olden days?

Well it all depends, on just what you mean by "olden", there was many communication methods: Messengers, Pegeons that carried notes, some say Indians used to use smoke as a form of communication. The is all i can remember for now hope it helped

What are the two major type of communication?

the two major types of communication are traditional and modern communication the traditional communication was mainly used in the olden days . while modern is the kind we use today

Olden times gadgets still being used in the present time?

olden times gadgets still being used in the present times

What does the word olden mean?

The adjective "olden" means "earlier" or "former" as in olden days and olden times, and is used to refer to any of several time periods, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Colonial America, or as late as the late 19th century.

How olden times people use maths?

They used maths to communicate and ask questions..This was done through sign communication. They drew with the help of lines on the walls or bark of trees.

Which methods of Communication was used in in olden days?

writing a letter and a pigeon taking it away to the person it has to go to

In olden times man used to avoid attacks of dinosaur?

using fire

In Olden times what other terms were used to describe a hung Jury?


Magnetic metallic element used for stuctural purposes?

steel, in olden times cast iron.

How long has nailpolish been around for?

About 2,000 years because they used it in the olden times too(:

What the purification method used in the olden day?

Discuss the purification methods used in the olden days