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My username is Ginger543

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Q: Club penguin igloos you need something new?
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How do you get to non member igloos in club penguin?

You need to add them as a friend, then click on the house icon on their player card.

Are Club Penguin secrets also for Club Penguin elite penguin force?

Yeah, they are. You just need to do something... I forgot. Oops...

What ages is Club Penguin reccomennded for?

I, myself am 14, and I play Club Penguin. The right age recomened for Club Penguin is 7 to 13. Keep in mind you have to pay to get clothing and igloos and fancy things. There is no need to worry about bad chat, because you may not say bad words, or you will get banned. Hoped this all helped!

How do you transfer a penguin from Club Penguin to Club Penguin game day?

Well you need to connect your Wii to the Internet to do it. If it is connected go to options and then press on Nintendo wi-fi connecter or something like that. Then you have to type in your club penguin username and password.

How do you get the cooker for your igloo on Club Penguin?

To get a cooker for your iggy on Clubpenguin you need to be a member and it will be in the better igloos catalog in your iggy, if it is not there then you cant get cooker but there are loads of other cool items that you can put in your igloo!

How do you change into anybody in Club Penguin?

You need Club Penguin Storm.

What are tickets for on Club Penguin?

You don't need tickets.People on Club Penguin do that for fun.

How do you get in closet in agent HQ in Club Penguin?

to do that you will need the club penguin elite penguin force game.

How you can be an elite penguin force on Club Penguin?

you need to get the club penguin game in wal mart or target

How do you get a igloo background on Club Penguin?

You have to wait untill it comes in the club penguin stores...or sometimes you can find it around the club penguin world. You must be patient and wait for it to come in club penguin stores...or you need to go on an adventure around the club penguin world and you need to find it

How do you get in the closet on Club Penguin?

You need a code from the Club Penguin EPF game to enter.

How do you do coin on Club Penguin?

you need to play games on club penguin to get more coins