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cigarettes is a stick full of chemicals and causes cancer of lungs and other cancers

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Q: Carlton filters cigarettes
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Why do parliament cigarettes have half filters?

For bumps of cocaine

Do cigarettes have filters that can block particulates from entering a smokers body?

nope all cigarettes are murderous drugs.

When were filters added to cigarettes?

According to Wikipedia they were invented in 1925.

Where does the menthol come from in tobacco?

It is added during processing. In cigarettes, it is added to the filters.

Are cigarette filters good for smokers?

In that a filter on a cigarette captures some of the particles released when a cigarette is smoked, yes they are. However, filters are not effective at preventing harmful substances being inhaled, they merely reduce the amount of some of those substances.To more precisely answer the question, they are not good for smokers.

What cigarettes use cotton filters?

ive had three different people tell me that camel is the only brand of cigarettes that has a 100% cotton filter. most have fiberglass in them that gives you a higher risk of lung disease.

How do they make cigarettes?

Buy some rolling tobacco, some rolling papers and some filters and master the art of rolling.

It is safe to smoke filtered cigarettes?

No... filters are mostly made up of fiberglass and nylons. Although it catches a percent of the chemicals you maybe adding another substance or chemicals from the filter itself.

Where can you get supplies for making cigarettes at home?

Any tobacco shop should have what you need, loose tobacco,papers,cigarette roller and even filters.

Is the unfiltered smoke from marihuana harmful?

The smoke is not harmful. It is the tar content that is harmful, which is the reason tobacco companies began placing filters on cigarettes.

What is a charcoal filter used for?

Charcoal is an amazing substance in that it will react to many different chemicals. Consequently it is used wherever someone wants something removed easily. Applications range from odor eaters in sneakers to filters in cigarettes to filters in industrial plants.

Do refill filters from all brands or e cigarettes interchange?

No they do not. I have not found one brand that will interchange with another. So whatever you buy is what your going to keep buying.