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Q: Can you wear a g string during pregnancy?
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What did bonnie Parker wear during the great depression?

A g-string

What colour under wear are you wearing?

A pink g string

What to wear as a business casual in disco?

nothing but g string

Somthing you wear that start with letter G?

g-String, gown, gloves, girdle

You are a boy who likes to wear thongs but what type should you wear a g-string v-string t-string or a c-string?

I say you wear a V string or a g string. i like the g string on myself because it it tight and i like to pull it tight because it feels good all around and i feel so sexy in it. i love the way it feels. a v string is more comfortable if u like wearing softer thongs and you can still make it tight. :)i suggest the g string it feels better looks better and it feels like your not wearring anything if u want more comfort i rekon v strings i wear v strings if im going out for a long while. definatly the g string or the t string

Does Miley Cyrus wear a g-string?

Most likely. lol.

What is an g-string?

A string on a musical instrument tuned to the note G.

Why do girls wear g strings?

girls wear a g string because they like stuff to go up their asses or they think that it makes their butt look bigger. another reason is if they are wearing a tight dress but they don't want anyone to see their undie line they wear a g - string.

What do Singapore men wear?

G string with a pair of nipple tapes, i guess

What to wear to turn your husband on?

A G string and a tiny bra. or just be nude!

How old does a girl have to be to wear a g string?

When she feels comfy doing so

Will it Be Okay for your Wife to Wear A G String in the Beach?

Mine? Absolutely!