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A G string and a tiny bra. or just be nude!

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Q: What to wear to turn your husband on?
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Is perfume ok for Muslim women to wear?

it is prohibited for muslim women to wear perfume outside their husband's house. If they are at home with their husband, it not prohibited.

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it would be nice

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They can but they probably don't want to!!!

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It tastes good

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they wear the skin of sea monsters and their husband's face

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no ways

Your husband like to wear skirt and churidar Shoud you let him?

yes, i will allow him,bcoz we ladies wearing jeans,t shirt and shirt, why they can also wear chudidhar saree etc i leave my husband to wear churidhar and saree as his wish...

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Turn into a baby diaper?! No that's silly. Turn into a baby? That's just as silly. If you need to wear a baby diaper, then you need to wear a baby diaper. If you want to wear a baby diaper, go for it if it fits. Maybe you should think about adult diapers, then you might turn into an adult (lol).

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You should turn on the charm.

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turn off

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Queen Victoria began to wear black after the death of her husband, Prince Albert. She continued to wear black, and mourn Albert's death, until she died.

What do Muslim women wear after their married when their at home?

They can basically wear anything, as long as there are not male adults who are not her husband, brother or father in the house.