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I just got my belly pierced like 5 days ago and my piercer said i can use peroxide & clean it 2 times a day, I've been using peroxide ever since then & i haven't had any problems, its not even hurting that much anymore. I'm not sure if this will work for you but i hope it helps :)

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Q: Can you use Peroxide to clean your belly button ring?
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How to clean a belly button ring if you do get in the pool?

you cant

How do you care for a belly ring?

You need to keep the ring clean. You need to use peroxide to wipe the skin. You should also twist the ring to keep it open.

What is a belly button ring?

A belly button ring is a body piercing placed in a cauterized area of the belly button.

Is your belly ring infected it red what do you clean it with?

the best thing to wash a belly button ring is with anti-bacterial soap it stops the scar tissue

Can you pierce your belly button with a belly button ring?


Why does your belly button reject the belly ring?

A lot of people have extreme sensitivity to metallic piercings, meaning, jewelry that is not 100% gold or silver. If you're belly button ring is metal, especially nickel, that might be the case. You also must be sure to clean it well, at least twice a day. Belly button rings are infected very easily.

Will something happen to your belly button if you get a belly button ring?

It will get stared at more often.

Is a belly button ring cool?


Should you remove the ring to clean your belly button piercing?

If it's less than 2 months, no. If its older, you don't have to but you can.

How long till you can go swimming with a belly button ring?

I'd say 2-3 months. And clean after of course.

Does Logan Browning Have A Belly-Button Ring?


Is there a such this as a browning belly button ring?