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YES if you talk with your belly

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Q: Can you use a lip ring for your belly button?
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Does it matter what kind of belly ring i use to get my belly button pierced?

not unless u dont put a ring in on a first go

Can you get a belly button ring without getting your belly button pierced?

When you get your belly button pierced, the person doing it will generally, if not always, use a stainless steel belly button ring. At least they will if they're a professional, and if not you don't really need to get a piercing from them anyway.This will have to stay in until the piercing is properly healed and then you can put in a clear or plastic retainer, available in different colors.

Can you use a clip on earring as a belly button ring?

omg, i wouldn't think so. but if you try it out, it might work with some editing adjustments.

Do you need a bellybutton?

No, your belly button is what used to be your umbilical cord. After you are born it is formed into a belly button and has no more use.

Can you use a regular earring instead of a lip ring when your lip is already pierced?

no you can't

What do they use to pierce your belly button?

A Needle.

What is the use of the belly button?

Lebanon Kansas

Can you use a earring for your lip ring?

Yes You Can Use An Earring As A Lip Piercing. You cant Use An Earring For A lip Ring Though. Just use An Earring Stud. I Pierced My Own Lip With An Earring, and I Know Tons Of People That Use An Earring Studd. Just Make Sure The Earring Is Cleann.

Rules for a belly ring?

You need to keep the belly ring clean. You should also twist it. You need to use alcohol to clean the outside of the ring and skin.

What sharp object is around 2mm that I can pierce my belly button with and what would i use to retain my skin after i pierced it since I dont have a belly ring?

It's really a bad idea to experiment with that. you can get nasty infections and contact allergies.

Can you use a nose ring for a lip piercing?

Technically, if its a ring, sure but keep in mind ur lip may be thicker then ur nose, u don't want to constrict ur lip and cause any problems, possibly best to just get a lip ring.

Can you use alcohol to clean a belly button piercing?