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Generally, yes, if you submit the make, model & serial number of the revolver.

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Q: Can you tell the year your revolver was made by the serial numbers?
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Could you tell the year colt .45 revolver was made the the serial?


How do you tell the year of a HR 922 revolver?

From the serial number. There are various references that list ranges of serial numbers for different years.

What year was a colt single action revolver serial number 741543?

go to proofhouse .com and click colt serial numbers,this will tell you the age of your colt.

How do you tell the year an HR 922 revolver was made?

What year was the H & R 922 6" revolver, serial number E664 manufactured? Thanks

What year was colt police positive 38 special revolver made?

Impossible to answer without a serial number. If you call Colt and provide the serial number they can tell you.

What is the age of a 32 revolver serial 56364 made in Spain?

No way to tell without a detailed description of all markings.

Who made the firearm with this serial number 8635?

No way to tell. Serial numbers are NOT unique to only one gun, or they would be billions of numbers.

When was Smith and Wesson K-22 Revolver serial number 393XX made?

S&W will tell you when it was shipped from the factory if you call them.

Is there a list of serial numbers that can tell you when your Winchester 1400 12 gauge was made?

i think the last 2 numbers of the serial number tells the year

What year is your navy arms co revolver with serial number 13490?

If you know the brand, or who made your Navy arms co revolver, they would be able to tell you what year it is. There isn't anything on the internet with serial number 13490. You may also be able to take it to a gun shop and they may be able to tell you.

What is the age of a SW revolver serial 8312?

Call S&W and they will tell you.

What is the model and age of your Smith and Wesson revolver serial 784587?

It is impossible to tell with just the serial number and no other information. Handgun? Long gun? Revolver, Semi-Auto?