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There is no official way to tell how many times your profile has been viewed on Facebook. There are some third party apps that claim to do this, but many do not deliver on the promises or end up being only viruses or malware.

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Q: Can you tell how many times your profile has been viewed on Facebook?
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How to see people who viewed my profile on facebook?

There is no way to see who has viewed your Facebook profile. Facebook is a public site and anyone, unless they have been blocked specifically by you, can see that you have a profile. Your privacy settings determine what they can see.

What does the people on the side of your profile on FACEBOOK mean?

Well on my Facebook it is always the same people and it seems to be the people i like more or talk to more. i Have been told it is the people who had viewed your profile that week :) xx

How many times has my Facebook video been viewed?

It is currently not possible to tell how many views each video has received as per Facebook Support

Is there a way of stopping yourself from showing up in who viewed your profile on Facebook?

I'm pretty sure Facebook doesn't tell you who has viewed your profile. I've been using it since 2005 and have never seen that feature. While there are applications promoting the ability to tell you who has viewed your profile, they are all fake. Just like the application that told me my first ever status was in 2009, yet I have photo albums 4 years older than that date. Now that you have this knowledge, don't use it to stalk people. That is just wrong.

Can you tell who has been viewing your Facebook?

No such app has been made which tells who visits your profile.

Does Facebook have a system to tell who's been on your profile site stalking you?


How many times has WikiAnswers been viewed?

wiki answers has been viewed over 5 million times.

How can you get proof your Facebook account has been hacked?

The only way to know if your Facebook has been hacked is if the profile is posting spam and/or your password has been changed .

How do you see whose viewing my Facebook page?

You can't see who has been and viewed your profile. there maybe some applications witch SAY that they can but its fake. Facebook even says so its self. to view, check out the help center on your applications button on top right.

What is a friend on Facebook?

A friend on Facebook is someone you have a connection to-- given the access that you have been granted to view their profile and socialize with.

Can people tell if you look at their profile on Facebook?

Facebook does not offer the ability to see who has been accessing ones profile. Any application which claims to have this ability should be treated with caution.

How you can you tell people are looking at your profile on facebook?

Even though it is a common misconception, you cannot tell who is looking at your profile on Facebook, nor can anyone see whose profiles you have been looking at.

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