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Actually the pill usually gathers up the blood that was stored in and is formed into a blood clot mainly in your legs. If you are 17 now and take it you will probaly die from the blood clot at the age of 35 so if you would like to risk your life by taking the pill then Hell i dont care.So be careful all that blood is building-up every second you use the pill.

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Q: Can you take the pill once you have started your period?
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I stopped and started the pill and got a period but think I might be pregnant as i had a 12 day break from pill and had sex on the same day as i remembered to take the pill?

Take a pregnancy test then

You just got a prescription to birth contol and you started your period do you take the active pill or the sugar pill?

If you just got them then i would wait until sunday or the day after you stop your period and you will start with pill number 1 then go to the sugar pills which you take while you are on your period!

If you started your period on Friday and you want to start birth control do you start on Sunday pill or Friday pill?

I would start on that Sunday. I took the pill for years and started the new pack 2-3 days after my period started. It is just important that you start to take them again otherwise they don't work.

I was supposed to start my period on Sunday but I started the pill before I started bleeding?

The pill is kind of a way in making your body thinking its pregnant (progesterone) If you take this pill before your expected period it will throw off your menstrual cycle..You should take the pill regularly and not take it for 7 days. this is when you should get your period. A doctor should tell you to start the pill after your period...( a Sunday is a good day). some times there are 7 different colored pills...which are sugar pills...they have no effects on your body....they just remind you when to start a new pack.

You started your pill the Sunday that you started your period you had your period for 2 weeks on the following Sunday you forgot to take your pill and your boyfriend got off inside you could you be pr?

yes. you have to be taking the pill in advance ( 3 months) before you have intercourse. even when taking the pill for a while, there will always be the slight chance of getting pregnant.

If i take the first birth control pill on the first day of my period will it stop my period?

Nope, sorry. It won't stop it, the only way to only have a period once every three months is to either switch to Seasonal or not take your sugar pill when it comes to that time.

I have started a light period whilst on the pill will continuing to take the pill prolong my bleeding or stop it?

dont ever ask a question like that again.. and if you take a bc pill then it wont stop the bleedingggggg.. ask your doctor for more information

If you just started your period and want to skip it for the month can you take start the pill the same day you got your period will it stop it?

You can try, and doing so might stop your period.

What is a sugar pill and what does it do?

A sugar pill is what women take to start their period. It allows the period to start.

How long does it take to have your period once a month?

Well, you just answered your own question, once a month, you have your period. it usually will be in the same time as you started, For Ex: if you started Aug. 1st, then you next period will be around Sep. 1st.

How long does it take for your period to return after missing a pill?

Your period should not be delayed from missing a single pill.

If your period is a week early on the pill should you continue taking extra pills?

Yes take a pill once every day at the same time. Even if your period starts before you get to the end of the pill pack. This is normal. Do not stop taking your pills or you could get pregnant.