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Can I take provera tablets to stop bleeding while on yasmin

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Q: Can you take a double dose of Yasmin to stop breakthrough bleeding?
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When does the bleeding stop if you have only taken 1 dose of Depo-Provera?

Some women have breakthrough bleeding only for a week or two; for others it lasts months. After the first year of use, you're likely to have no bleeding at all.

Does taking a high dose of birth control change your periods if you where on a low one before?

There is less breakthrough bleeding with a higher dose pill. If the pack has 28 days you will still get your period every 28 days.

What is breakthrough bleeding?

It is the blood generally caused when the female's vaginal membrane is broken by the penis.

What if you still have period while taking next pack of birth control?

that is quite common. i had this problem for months because my birth control was ultra low dose (yaz). i switched to a regular low dose (yasmin) and the bleeding stopped and went back to a normal cycle. if you just started taking BC, keep doing it. if after three months the bleeding is still frequent, talk to your doctor. you may need a higher dose.

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Will Adderall cause breakthrough bleeding?

Last year I began taking adderall and shortly after had some spotting/breakthrough bleeding mid month despite being on Ortho-low for year with none of this. My doctor told me that sometimes due to the raise in your metabolism (from the adderall/stimulant) your body will need a higher dose of certain medications. However, it is possible that if you have been on the pill (any one) for years, that your body has simply developed a tolerance to it and you will need to switch medications. Talk to your doctor.

Can you take a double dose of Coumadin by mistake and be OK?

Please contact your physician, "Coumadin Clinic" nurse, or other medical professional to let them know that you've consumed an extra dose of Coumadin. Only they will be able to properly assist you. Since Coumadin (warfarin) inhibits blood coagulation, taking an extra dose can significantly predispose to bleeding. Whether the double dose is of any concern depends upon things like your normal Coumadin dose, recent history of antibiotic use, diet and intake of vitamin K, etc.

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What if you double dose Wellbutrin 350mg?

Why would you double dose? 700mg would be a large dose! If you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember then take the next dose at the normal time. Unless you are already close to the next time you should take it. Then just wait. I would never double dose a medication. Talk to your doctor if it is not working for you.

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Im two weeks pregnant and I am bleeding what dose that mean?

This may be implantation bleeding if it's light. If it gets heavy, you need to call your doc.