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Birth Control inhibits fertilization, not menstruation. Menstrual cycle will still continue.

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Q: Can you stop your period early using birth control?
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Can early removal of the birth control patch cause a late period?

Yes, early removel of the birth control patch may cause an early or late period. Since you weren't using effective birth control, take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

How can you get your period a week early using birth control?

Your period will arrive early if you miss pills but doing this is risky as you wont be protected against pregnancy.

Can the birth control implant stop your period?

Yes, the birth control implant can cause your period to stop while you're using it.

How long after my period is my birth control effective?

Your birth control stays effective until you stop using it.

How can you delay your period if you are not using birth control pills?

You can't.

What if you get your period while on birth control?

If you get your period while on birth control, you should continue using your birth control as scheduled. Bleeding does not change the schedule for taking your pill or changing your patch or ring.

Do you still have your period on birth control?

Some women still experience monthly bleeding while using birth control.

How can you prevent your period?

By using hormonal Birth Control Pills you can safely go months without a period.

Can you miss a period while using the paragard IUD?

You can miss a period while using Paragard, just as you can miss a period when not using birth control. Take a pregnancy test.

Is it normal not to get your period at all while on birth control?

Yes. Some birth control methods stops a women from getting a period for up to 15-18 months at times. Especially if you are using the Depo-provera birth control shot.

Can you get pregnant from skipping your period using Birth Control?

Skipping your period by taking extra birth control pills or fewer placebo (sugar) pills lowers, not raises, your risk of pregnancy.

Can you stop your period for a few days?

Timing of your period can be altered using birth control pills. Speak to your gynecologist, who can advise you on it.

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