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Yes you can. Only in a handful of small specific areas where smoking weed on the street has led to nuisances in the past, official signs will clearly show you it's prohibited.

Smoking in the street is no problem, but buying marijuna may be impossible in the future for tourists. The introduction of weed passes will stop sales of cannabis to foreign tourists. On 29 June 2011 a Dutch court ruling cleared the way for these weed passes.

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Yes. As well as Colorado, Arizona, California and 11 other states here in America.

Yes. Despite a flurry of debate over "weed passes" and the possibility of a "no foreigners" ban last year, the Dutch government has chosen to kick the marijuana question back to local jurisdictions, and no major change in Amsterdam's policy on marijuana coffee shops is expected. There may be fewer outlets, as the city cuts back on shops that are near schools, but foreigners will still be welcome.

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It has and will remain illegal for the time being. Amsterdam is one of the cities that does not enforce the law. In fact, due to treaty violations, there is not one country out there that marijuana is truly illegal. Their laws are either decriminalized or just remain unenforced.

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Q: Can you smoke marijuana on the street in Amsterdam?
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Amsterdam is not really a legal place to smoke marijuana, but it is tolerated by police because it bring so much money into their economy via tourism.

Is it illegal for English people to smoke weed in Amsterdam?

Marijuana is illegal in Amsterdam, the laws are not enforced so most visitors can use it and the police don't enforce it.

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