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i would assume so you would most likely just need and scope mount (its like a rail) which would replace you rear sight then a scope will slide onto that

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Q: Can you scope a cooey model 39 If so How?
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How old is a Cooey model 39?

The Cooey 39 is so old it sat behind Jesus in the third grade... They were first made around WWII. Hard to tell age of an individual gun because they do not have serial numbers.

22 Cal mod 39 and the serial is HS 1714 What year was it manufactured?

Well, a model 39 .22 implies to me that it may be a Cooey or Winchester/Cooey. The only thing is Cooey never put serial numbers on their rifles. Winchester did after they bought Cooey around WW II. So therefore I would say post 1964 for your rifle.

What is a model 68 Cooey worth?

25-125 USD or so

How much is a cooey model 27 worth?

35-100 USD or so

What is the mfg date for Cooey model 600 sn CG046177?

model 600 was produced at the couple last years of this rifle so around 1974. before the model 600 was the 60 and before this it was "sure shot".

What is 2a3-5a2-39 In Rationalizing quadratics?

In rationalising quadratics 2a3 - 5a2 - 39 is an irrelevance. It is not a quadratic but a cubic and so not within the defined scope.

What is the value of a cooey model 71 serial number 7755?

It depends on many factors. The Cooey Model 71 is a rebadged Winchester Model 70. They are the "post-64" design, which means they are push feed. Factors that will determine the value include caliber, condition of bluing, wood and bore and so on. If it is in very good condition I'd say it is somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. Probably a bit less, but that's a decent start.

What is value of Tasco Model 705 scope in mint condition?

100 dollars or so

What is the year of mfg on Marlin 39 S6241?

All model 39 Marlins were built in the 1922-1938 time frame. A model 39 with S prefix will usually date to the late 1920's. However, model 39a Marlins with S prefix date to 1957. So it depends on which model you have a 39 or 39a.

What is the best scope for a 35 marlin model 336?

Since most 35 remingtons will be used out to about 150 yards or so; a decent scope of 4x or a 3x9 will do nicely!

What is the value of a Savage model 110 rifle with a Bushnell Sportview scope?

100-400 USD or so

What is a cooey sport 22 cal rifle worth?

50-125 or so