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Yes you can. Your phone line has nothing too do with your cell phone. In fact, for most people your phone line carrier is completely different from your cell phone carrier.

And you phone line has absoloute no connection TO YOU HOME PHONE AT all

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Q: Can you keep your land phone line number if you get a cell phone?
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How can one lookup a cell phone number?

The only way to look up a cell phone number is by contacting a cell phone provider. Currently there is no way to enter a persons name and find their cell phone number like you can with a traditional land line.

what exactly is a cell phone lookup?

Cell phone lookup is the ability to look up someone's cell phone number. You can do this just like looking up a land-line phone number in the white pages or a phone book.

Why was cell phones invented?

The cell phone was invented so that people could keep in contact with each other when they do not have access to a land line phone.

Can a land-line number be converted to a cell number?

Sometimes. Contact both your cell-phone provider and the phone company that services the land-line number to find out their specific procedures. If you have a pre-paid phone (something other than a monthly plan), you most likely will not be able to assign a specific number to that phone.

Can you use your land line number on a cell phone?

Yes. I recently switched my land-line to a cell phone. Numerous people are doing this and saving money by not having two phones. The phone number portability law allows us to move any phone number we have to any Carrier we want.

How can I keep same land line phone number when I move?

call your phone company and see if they have coverage there

Does cell phone charge when call land line number?

yes it may be charge.

What is better have in a emergency a cell phone or land line?

what is better to have in a emergency a cell phone or land line

How to Determine a Cell Phone Provider?

Information about cell phones isn't as easy to find as that for a land line number. You are not able to just look it up in a book. But if you have access to a computer and the cell number, you can find out the name of that number's cell phone provider. Log onto and enter the area code and phone number. The website will display the provider for the handset assigned that number.

If someone calls you and you don't want their number to show up on your phone bill what do i do?

I have a land line (rather than a cell phone) and nobody's number who phones me shows up on my phone bill.

How do you transfer an att cell phone number to a land line?

Just call them up and ask for a number port. It's that simple :)

Could you please provide me with salman khan's land line number?

Sorry but we don't keep his phone number. Alright.........