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It may be wise to avoid such activity until the piercing has healed.

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Q: Can you jump on a trampoline as soon as you get your nose pierced?
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Can you put a spacer in as soon as you get your nose pierced?

I wouldn't My nose took almost a year to heal i didn't much with it except twist it around

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How soon can you change your tongue ring?

I changed mine about a week after I pierced it and it was fine

How do you insert nose piercing?

i got my nose pierced yesterday and the woman used a piercing gun ( i know she shouldn't have) and told me to take it out in two days and change it, because they one she used to put in wasn't an actual nose stud it was a straight earring. i took it out and tried to hook a stud in but my nose was all swelled so i had to straighten it out, what do i do? HELP PLEASE :( Whoa. There is SO much wrong with this picture. Any decent piercer wouldn't tell you to change initial jewelry that soon. Tats just asking for infection. Go to a professional and see what they can do. Chances are that you can purchase legit nose jewelry from them and they can tell you how to care for it properly. Never get pierced with a gun EVER again.

How soon can you place a retainer in a new tongue piercing?

after it has healed which is usually 3-4 weeks from the date it was pierced.

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Will a pierced ear pierced 4 weeks ago close up if the earring is out for 4 hours?

It can....because the ear isnt used to it being pierced,and it still needs time to get used to something there.but it all depends on how fast you heal.As soon as you can get your hands on earrings .....that are clean,put them through the holes gently and wiggle it around abit. And preferrably always wear keep your pierced ears pierced :)

Is it haram to get your uper ear pierced?

No it is not. I have mine done its called a helix and i am only ten turning eleven really soon.

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Can you get your ears pierced again?

yes you can i have gotten my ears peirced like 5 times because i took my earings out to soon so yes you can have your ears pierced more than once if your ears close back up!!

How soon after rhinoplasty can you pierce your nose?

Within two years, check with the surgeon.