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Yes, it is possible to be pregnant and still have your period.

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Q: Can you have your period for 3 months and be pregnant that whole time?
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Can you be pregnant and still get periods the first couple of months?

you can get your period through out your whole pregnancy its now to happen i had my period until i was seven months pregnant i knew i was pregnant got prenatal care and the baby was ok but i just never stop getting my period for quite some time

If your period comes early does that mean you are pregnant?

You can have a period for about three months after you have become pregnant, my mother had her's for about three months while she was pregnant with me.. That was actually the first time she had her menstrual any consecutive months.. Normally she would have her period once maybe twice a year. But when she got pregnant it was the first time she had her period more than once a year.

Is it normal to have your period while you are pregnant?

Is it normal?No. It is NOT normal to have your period at this time. YES you can have a period while pregnant. Some women don't realise they are pregnant til a few months gone because they have gotten their period. Get checked out by a doctor immediately!

How long is a kagaroo pregnant for?

a kangaroo is pregnant for the same period of time as a human woman. 9 months. kangaroos can even have a caesarian section.

Can you get pregnant if your period didn't come for 2 months?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you haven't had your period for two months. Menstruation follows ovulation, thus when you had sex you may have been fertile/ovulating.

How many months have to pass by until the doctor tells you your pregnant?

After 8 to 10 days of your missed period. You have enough time to decide about to terminate or continue the pregnancy. It does not take months after missed period.

Is it possible to fall pregnant in the first six months when you are not using the contraceptives?

If you mean in the first 6 months after pregnancy, then yes: you can become pregnant in this time period. If you are breast-feeding, this will generally prevent pregnancy.

Longest time a baby in a womb?

The answer is the pregnancy; but for some people, it can be trying to get pregnant.

What day of your period can you get pregnant?

You can get pregnant at any time but you are more likely to get pregnant 14 days after your period

Can you get pregnant the same week your period ends?

Yes you can get pregnant the same time your period ends. You can even get pregnant while you are on your period

Is it possible for a woman to not have her period but at the same time not be pregnant?

Uh, yeah.... some women are irregular. I know of some women that don't have their period but every 4-5 months.

Can you have your period and all the period symptoms and still be pregnant?

Its very rare but yes, my wife missed a period at one time and when she called to see her doctor he told her that she was 4 month pregnant or expecting twins, after going for a scan, it turned out she was 4 months pregnant, even though she had 3 normal periods beforehand.