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Not knowing and not being pregnant are completely different things.

If you are pregnant, whether you are aware of it or not, you can have a miscarriage.

If you are not pregnant then you cannot.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-16 21:05:33
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Q: Can you have a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?
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How should I tell my Fiance that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage when I didnt know I was pregnant until the miscarriage and I am scared he will be disapointed?

BUt it isn't your fault. he should be able to understand

How can you tell if you had a miscarriage a year ago if you didn't know if you were pregnant or not?

You can not.

What if you have a miscarriage and didnt know but got pregnant again?

Then you would have a new pregnancy. If you feel that this has happened or if you are having any bleeding during pregnancy you should contact your Dr right away.

Don't know if I'm pregnant but having symptoms of miscarriage i know i possibally could be pregnant?

i suggest you go to the doctor.

Can Methadone cause a miscarriage?

Yes it can but once you know your pregnant stop

How long can it take to fall pregnant after a miscarriage?

ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage

Are there any health risks becoming pregnant 1 month after having had a miscarriage?

I would not think so as long as the miscarriage was complete. Let your doctor know as soon as you find out you are pregnant again and let them know your history of miscarriage. THey can monitor you more closely.

After sex you bleed alot but didnt see any tissues was that a miscarriage?

Depends - are you pregnant? If so how far along are you?I'd go see a doctor, only way to know for sure (and prevent any possible complications).But no, sex generally can't cause a miscarriage.

Can you have a miscarriage if you are not pregnant?

No. A miscarriage means you ARE pregnant. Therefore you can't have one if you aren't.

Not passing tissue after miscarriage?

why didnt i pass the tissue after the miscarriage at 6 weeks

What are chances of getting pregnant after a miscarriage?

A miscarriage should not prevent you from becoming pregnant again.

Is it dangerous to get pregnant 2 months after you had a miscarriage?

It is dangerous to get pregnant so fast after a miscarriage.

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