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the statment about "if you have your period then you are not pregnant" is tecnically true, but alot of women think they are having their period and it is really not a period. if any women really thinks they might be pregnant but still are having their period should take a pregnancy test and if still negative and you think you really are then please go see a doctor, because it cant hurt you to find out but it can hurt your baby not to.

Hello. You will have a elevated temperature during your period and during evening time. This isn't a indication of pregnancy. Because you got your period, you definitely aren't pregnant. :-)

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:57:37
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Q: Can you get your period but tell that you are pregnant by remaining at high temperatures?
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Is there a high chance of getting pregnant if your period is late?

Yes, you have a high chance of being pregnant if your period is late!

Can yo get pregnant a day after your period?

Yes you can get pregnant the day after your period but it is not a high chance that you will.yes

Is there high risk of getting pregnant when having a period?

It isn't really possible to get pregnant while having a period.

My boyfriend and i had intercourse a lot a week before my period could i be pregnant?

Did you have your period? If you had your period, the chances are, you are not pregnant. If you have not had your period, then chances are high that you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test and go to your doctor if you still have questions!

How do sedimentary rocks becomes igneous?

By high temperatures and pressures for a long period of time.

How high are the chances that a girl will get pregnant if a guy has come on his fingers and then he fingers her and it is the last day of her period?

Very unlikely, You ovulate just prior to your period, it is during ovualtion that you are able to get pregnant. So if you had a period you are not pregnant

What are my chances of being pregnant 7 days after my period?

If you had unprotected sex 7 days after the end of your period ther is a high probability of becoming pregnant.

Could a woman be pregnant if she had an intercourse 2 weeks before her period?

Yes, there is a high chance that she could be pregnant

You are 2 monthes late on your period and since have had constipation could you be pregnant?

The chances of being pregnant is very high if you have a regular period, do a home test of go for blood test but I do think that you are pregnant

I haven't seen my period in three months?

There is a very high chance that you are pregnant.

I had my period on September fourth when will i ovulate?

Yes - there's a high chance you could be pregnant

Can you get pregnant 15 days after period?

Yes. You are likely to be fertile then so the chances are high

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