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Yes you can definitely become pregnant while taking the pill. I am proof of that and I never missed a dose. :) If you are pregnant you must stop taking the pill.

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Q: Can you get pregnant while on the pill and if so should you immediately stop taking the pill?
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If your taking the pill and your pregnant can you still bleed?

You should NOT be taking the pill while pregnant! STOP immediately. Next time you have an appointment with your obstetrician, let him/her know that you were taking the pill. There is absolutely no reason to continue taking the pill while you are pregnant, you cannot get pregnant again.

Is topiramate associated with birth defects?

Topiramate may cause birth defects. Use effective birth control while taking topiramate. Patients who become pregnant while taking topiramate should contact their physician immediately.

Can you get pregnant while taking novynette?

can you get pregnant will taking novynette

Are there complications in pregnancy if you learn you are pregnant while taking birth control?

Well a lot of women do not learn they are pregnant till 6 or 7 weeks into their pregnancy. As long as you are not 6 months pregnant and taking birth control I think everything should be fine. Just stop taking it immediately and call your doctor if you are too concerned.

What vitamins should you take while pregnant?

You should be taking a prenatal vitamin which is available at the drugstore.

What should the patient do if they experience side effects while taking cephalosporins?

The patient should get medical attention immediately if any side effect symptoms develop while taking cephalosporins.

If you become pregnant while taking the pill will it harm the baby?

From what I understand, most pills are made so that if you become pregnant while taking it, there is little to no harm to the developing baby. However, if you suspect that you are pregnant, you should see a physician for a blood test and if you are pregnant, stop taking the pill.

Is taking methadrone safe while your pregnant?

safe things should be great at al

Is it ok to take asppirin while pregnant?

It's not healthy you should be taking Tylenol

Is it normal to spot while pregnant?

No, If you are spotting or cramping you should contact your Dr or go to the ER immediately.

How long should you stay on birth control while trying to get pregnant?

You should't be taking birth control if you are trying to get pregnant

When can you get pregnant if you have been taking contracepton injections?

You may get pregnant immediately but it is better to wait until you have your first period (use condoms while waiting) so that you have a date for the start of your pregnancy.

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