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Yes you can get pregnant on your last day of your period and if the condom is on right and doesn't break or slide off it's most likely to get pregnant on your period.

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2009-12-26 08:53:19
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Q: Can you get pregnant on the last day of your period and also which is pregnancy most likely to happen during your period or with a condom?
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If someone has sex without a condom why hast she gotten pregnant?

pregnancy doesn't always happen.

Can fertilization happen during pregnancy?

No, there is no ovulation when pregnant.

Can a woman become pregnant during her period?

Yes, a girl can get pregnant on her period. The chances are not as high as right before her period, but it can happen. So if you don't want a pregnancy, it's still a good idea to wear a condom.

What happen if you take duphaston while pregnant?

This progesterone preparation is prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy. It helps in maintaining pregnancy.

Do you get periods during pregnancy?

Rare but does happen to women..but if ur thinkin ur pregnant && having a period then you may not be pregnant

Can you get a girl pregnant without using a condom when she is on her period?

its possible that could happen

Normal physiologic changes a client may anticipate during her pregnancy?

She might have a change of attitude or personality during pregnancy. Hormones can make this happen. A lot of pregnant women experience this symptom.

Can you have nipple soreness without breast tenderness during pregnancy?

Yes. Not all women experience breast/nipple soreness or tenderness during pregnancy. Some women are 6 or 7 months pregnant before they find out that they are pregnant. So yes, it can happen.

If I went on my period twice could I be pregnant?

It is biologically impossible to menstruate if you are pregnant, menstruation only occurs if someone doesn't get pregnant. It is possible to experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, it's uncommon but there are situations where it can happen, if concerned you may be pregnant take a pregnancy test.

Can a woman get pregnant if her boyfriend did not use a condom and she is not on birth control?

well YEAH!!!!! that is known to happen

Can you still get pregnant if you use birth control and don't use a condom?

It can happen because none of them is 100% sure. The best combo is the pill and a condom.

Should a woman who is eight weeks pregnant expect her sexual urges to increase during pregnancy?

Everyone is different, but yes, it can happen.

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