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no, because he had a condom on.

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2011-04-17 06:10:40
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Q: Can you get pregnant if you used a condom and sperm didn't come out?
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Can woman become pregnant if sperm didnt enter her body?

If sperm has not entered the womans body then sperm will not come in contact with the egg so no you will not get pregnant.

If you have protected sex and no sperm came out but the condom tore can you still be pregnant?

You cannot be certain that a very small amount of sperm did not come out, so pregnmight occur.

Can a woman be pregnant if a man doesn't come and he uses a condom?


Can You Get pregnant if when he pulled out the condom was still in you but not all the way like an insh was still out?

Yes! This is how my daughter was conceived. A condom that has come off can actually cause sperm to go around it. Like squeezing the water out of a towel or spilling over the top of a glass. Even if it is partially out of you some sperm can still seep around it.

If sperm doesn't come out am i pregnant?

not really.

If sperm gets inside the butt or the throat can you still become pregnant?

Sperm has to come in contact with your vagina to get pregnant.

Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant with out a boy?

No. To get pregnant, there needs to be sperm and and egg. Eggs come from girls and sperm from boys.

Could you get a girl pregnant if you wore a condom but never come?

Actually, yes. The prefluids that happen in sex also contain sperm and any time you have a uterus and penis in the same area you have a chance of a baby.

Can putting things in your vagina make you pregnant?

Pregnancy requires that a sperm cell come into contact with an egg. So if the "something" has sperm on, or in it, you can get pregnant. Otherwise, no -- no sperm, no fetus.

Can sperm make a pregnancy test come back positive?

Only if the sperm made you pregnant.

Why are condoms not 100% effective?

There is always a chance that the condom could break. That would then make it possible for sperm to come out. Also, if not put on properly, the condom might no work as well as it should. Also, sperm could come out without the man or woman relaizing it before or after the condom is put on or taking off, which gives chance to pregnancy, too.

What is the good method to get pregnant?

having sex without condom,and let the guy come inna you

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