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Yes. This is more common than you can imagine.

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Q: Can you get pregnant at 39?
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Can you get pregnant if you have a 36 day cycle?

I have 36-39 day cycles, and got pregnant.

What should a pregnant mother expect to happen at 39 weeks?

At 39 weeks, a pregnant mother should expect her physician to conduct an abdominal exam. A pregnant mother can also expect a physician requesting that she complete a sonogram.

Could you get pregnant if your husband is 39 and 18?


If your tubes are tied can you use a turkey baster and get pregnant?

Can I get pregnant I'm 39 n I have my tubes tied for 13

Does bonnie Tyler have children?

No, she does not. She got pregnant at 39 but miscarried after two and a half months and was unable to become pregnant after that.

How old was Susan from Desperate Housewives when she gets pregnant from Mike?

she was 34 but now she is 39

You were sterilised 7 years ago and have only had a slight period in the las ttwo months you are 39 years old could you be pregnant?

could it be possible to be pregnant after having been sterilised 7 years ago i am 39 years old

What the percentage of getting pregnant at 39?

The percentage of getting pregnant at 39 is very high when you have the right planning, products, and support. There is this great website that has a system that is proven to work. Try it out. My name is Dena and this product is so great, I want to tell the world...

Im 39 weeks pregnant and 2cm dialated baby is engaged and head down how long do you have?

Months, hang in there!!

Could i be in labor consant stomach ache 39 weeks pregnant?

Im 39 weeks pregnant and have got constant stomach ache too. It doesnt matter if Im sitting down, walking or lying down, my stomach is constantly aching. I would like to know what it means too.

What episode does diva get pregnant in blood plus?

Diva does not get pregnant in the anime series "Blood+". The story primarily revolves around Saya Otonashi and her battle against chiropteran creatures.

Is it normal to have dark green stools at 39 plus 3 days pregnant?

This is probably a sign that labour will be beginning soon