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Yes, you can get pregnant again as soon as you ovulate.

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Q: Can you get pregnant 3 months after having a baby if you have unsafe sex on a prolonged period?
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Can a girl get pregnant not having her period in two months?

A girl won't get pregnant from not having her period; she may get pregnant from having sexual intercourse. However, the lack of the period may be an indication of pregnancy (but not the cause).

What are the chances of getting pregnant at age 52 without having period for 6 months?


Can you get pregnant if you have been off the pill for six months but have not had a period?

It's really unlikely to get pregnant unless you're having periods.

You got your menses on march 2nd then April 3rd and then on may 2nd within a day it stopped how many months pregnant are you?

If you had your period in march, april, and may, then you aren't many months pregnant. You can't be pregnant while having your period. You obviously are too ignorant to be having sex. Babies aren't toys.

Could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

After having a miscarriage 8 months ago my period is 4 days late. Took pregnancy test and it came back negative... am i pregnant?

after having a miscarriage 6 months ago my period is 4 days late.took pregnancy test it came back negative am i pregnant

When 3 months into pregnancy can a woman continue to have her period?

Type your answer here... yes it happened to me. I was 10 weeks pregnant ad having my period.

24 days pregnant and having a period?

if you have your period you are not pregnant

Could you possibly be 3 months pregnant if you had no symptoms?

It is possible to be pregnant if you are still having your period. Its not unheard of for women not to notice until they are well into the pregnancy.

Your period is watery are you pregnant?

No, if you are having a monthly period you are probably not pregnant.

Why are you not having a period in 5 months?

If you got it once and not again for 5 months, it was a false alarm or your pregnant. If you haven't even started, JUST WAIT YOU NIMNOM!

Is it possible to be pregnant but have such a low HCG count that your body still has AF?

HCG doubles about every other day, so if you get your period, chances are you are not pregnant. Not True. Many women can testify upon having a PERIOD while being pregnant. Some can testify upon having a PERIOD all 9 months of her pregnancy.