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I would assume so. The metal that is in a lip ring is designed to be in your skin, as a staple is made of inferior metals. That's why you're not supposed to pierce with Safety pins. They aren't safe to remain in your body. Don't do it. Spend the $10 and get a lip ring.

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Q: Can you get infected if you use a staple for a lip ring?
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Can you use a earring for your lip ring?

Yes You Can Use An Earring As A Lip Piercing. You cant Use An Earring For A lip Ring Though. Just use An Earring Stud. I Pierced My Own Lip With An Earring, and I Know Tons Of People That Use An Earring Studd. Just Make Sure The Earring Is Cleann.

Can you use a nose ring for a lip piercing?

Technically, if its a ring, sure but keep in mind ur lip may be thicker then ur nose, u don't want to constrict ur lip and cause any problems, possibly best to just get a lip ring.

Can you use a regular earring instead of a lip ring when your lip is already pierced?

no you can't

When can i use my own lip ring?

It is better to start off with a normal piercing (just like spikes), since your lip will firstly try to heal and will get bigger. If you start off with a ring there's a risk that when you lip get bigger the ring will stuck in it since the lip will have limited space to expand. It is recommended to switch to the ring a month after you started using the piercing.

Can you use a tongue ring for a lip ring?

No that would look very very very weird.. & it isn't safe.

Can you use salt rinse on infected lip piercing?

If by salt rinse you mean saline solution, then yes. You can use saline solution on any open wound to clean it.

How do you remove lip ring with pliers?

You can use two sets of pliers, one either side of the opening to pull apart, I usually use on pair on one side and bite the other side.It's a LOT simpler just to use lip ring pliers. No kidding - they do exist, almost every aircraft technician will have one at least.

Why does the ball on your lip ring keep coming off?

Either it isn't screwed on tight enough or if its a captive ball ring, the ring isn't tight enough. So either use pliers to squeeze the ring tighter or screw it on.

Can you use table salt on your belly ring?

That would not be the smartest idea. that would hurt and not clean the belly ring. so its a stupid idea. it may even get infected.

How do you remove a lip ring that you have bitten closed?

ouch, that's sounds nasty. go back to where you got your lip pierced. if you can't just go to another one or try and use pliers

How do you know what your lip ring gauge is?

You could just use a ruler with mm markings and measure it. You can use google to find conversion charts from mm-gauge.

What can you use to keep your lip ring from rubbing against your teeth and gum causing gum decay loosing teeth enemal gum shrinkage etc.?

dont get your lip peirced and dont eat gum dont get your lip peirced and dont eat gum