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No you can't. The main reason is that there is no such thing as a "Blackberry Rio".

The Rio is a inexpensive phone by Orange that just happens to look like a Blackberry.

Although it looks similar, it lacks most of the features and is not compatible with Blackberry's software or applications.

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2012-08-21 11:24:30
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Q: Can you get blackberry messenger on a blackberry rio?
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Is there blackberry messenger on a rio mobile phone?

Please tell me you are joking, of course not it is called BLACKBERRY messenger not rio messenger so,no.

Can you get blackberry messenger on a orange rio?

no you cant because its not a blckberry make

Does Blackberry 8520 have Blackberry Messenger?

All Blackberry devices come with Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

How do you get a BlackBerry Messenger?

to get a blackberry messenger (BBM) you have to have a black berry.

Is blackberry mail the same as blackberry messenger?

no, blackberry mail is for e-mails, blackberry messenger is instant messaging

Can you get blackberry messenger if you don't have blackberry?

unfortunately Blackberry Messenger is no available on any other phones except blackberry's.

Does a blackberry bold have blackberry messenger?

The BlackBerry Bold should be able to use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). It's for BlackBerry OS 5 or newer.

Is there an iPhone to blackberry messenger app?

No u cant get blackberry messenger on a iphone

What is Blackberry Messenger?

blackberry messenger is a Instant messaging system you can do a lot more than texting alows you to do for blackberry to blackberry only.

Does the blackberry curve have blackberry messenger?

i have a blackberry curve and mine does:)

Does the blackberry style have blackberry messenger?

Yes it is.

What are the top grossing apps for BlackBerry?

The top grossing apps for BlackBerry are BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, Twitter, BlackBerry Protect, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Photo Studio and Truecaller.

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