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No, you do not get THC in your system by smelling a bag of marijuana.

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Q: Can you get THC in your system just by smelling a bag of marijuana?
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Will THC show up in your system if you had not smoked marijuana?

THC shows up in your system no matter how you ingest marijuana.

Can you get THC in your system from marijuana residue?

Yes, You can get THC in your system from marijuana residue. However, marijuana residue, or as most incorrectly call it, resin, contains very LITTLE THC and a LOT of useless and harmful material

Is it possible to get THC out of your system in 10 days?

Marijuana (THC) stays in your system for about 48 hours.

How long does it take marijuana with high THC levels to be out of your system?

It takes about a month for the THC to be out of your system.

How does THC enter your system?

you smoke marijuana and THC sticks to your fat cells.

Can i get thc in my system touching the buds just cut off the marijuana plant?

That would be impossible, bro

How do you pass THC test after smoking marijuana?

no there is no way THC will stay in your system for months

Will laxatives get THC out of your system?

None. Laxatives will only make you poop out whatever food is in your system. It will have NO effect at all on marijuana or THC in your system.

Is there THC in my system and will I fail?

If you have smoked marijuana recently there is THC in your system. Whether you will fail a blood test depends on how much you smoked and how recently.

How is THC put on marijuana?

THC is not put on Marijuana. THC is a chemical that is produced by the female marijuana plant during flowering.

Can the aroma of marijuana on someone else get into your system?

no it cant, Because Your not directly taking in the THC...The ways THC gets in your system is if it is either inhaled or digested...

How long does two hits of marijuana stay in yours system?

Smoking marijuana introduces a chemical called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into your system. Because THC is stored in the fat cells, it generally takes anywhere from 30 - 40 days to leave your system.