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I am 13 weeks pregnant also. This is my second pregnancy, and I felt my daughter (1st Pregnancy) at 13 weeks. This baby, I felt around 10, so yes, it's possible. Usually most mom's will feel their babies for the first time around 16 weeks or so....but if you can tell that it's NOT gas, then yes, it's your baby.

It's usually felt extremely low, and will feel like tiny bumps (Not a full kick or anything) and I'll explain to you what it felt like to know when your eye twitches? That's sort of what it feels like in your lower abdomen.

Hope this helps.

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Q: Can you feel movement at 13 weeks pregnant?
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Is it possible to feel movement in your upper belly when 13 weeks pregnant?

No, your uterus doesn't even rise up out of your pubic bone until 12 weeks, so at 13 weeks, your uterus is still very low in your abdomen, and you are likely not even showing yet.

When pregnant can you feel the baby move at 12 weeks?

Most women start to feel the baby move around 13 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. If a person is very thin, they may feel it before.

What does it first trimester pregnancy feel like?

No different than when you are not pregnant. You may start to feel something at around 12-13 weeks.

Is it abnormal that at 13 weeks pregnant you can see your cervix from the outside when you strain with a bowel movement?

Seriously doubtful. Call your OB right away!!!

How many weeks do you have left if im 27 weeks pregnant?


What is the hcg level for 13 weeks?

for 3 weeks Pregnant mine was 30 they say 25-50

If you are 14 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

3 months and 2 weeks 13 weeks = 3 months whether you are pregnant or not. So--3 months and 1 week.three and a half months

If you are 16 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

There are 13 weeks in a 3-month period. You are 3 months and 3 weeks pregnant.

Is it possible to have a baby while forcing a bowel movement at 5 months pregnant?

im curious about this too, i can see my cervix sometimes during bowel movements and i am afraid that i will miscarry, i am only 13 weeks....

13 weeks pregnant conceive on the 16 is it accurate?

Could be a few days either direction.

Can you become pregnant while on the shot but you don't get it as often?

If you are not getting your Depo Provera injection at least every 13 to 15 weeks, you could get pregnant.

Can taking metronidazol while pregnant 13 weeks harm the fetus?

At thirteen weeks the fetus is fully formed and as long as your doctor knows you are pregnant when prescribing he/she feels thst the benefits outweigh any problems.