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It is unlikely unles you have an iregular period The most likely time to fal pregnant is half way through your cycle when yo ovulate and about the 4 days before and a 3 days after that.

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Q: Can you fall pregnant 3 days before your period?
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Can you fall pregnant 4 days before your period and still have a period?


Are the 5 days after period free not to fall pregnant?

The days of periods are safest days when pregnancy is really impossible.

What if you get pregnant a few days before your period?

This makes no sense - you only menstruate if you don't fall pregnant. It's also unlikely you'd be fertile so close to when you were due to menstruate.

Can you fall pregnant a couple of days before your period?

Pregnancy can accur anytime a women ovulates. A women can ovulate anytime of the month, even if they are on their periods!

I had miscarriage 3weeks ago and i haven see my period yet but i already making love with my husband can i fall pregnant before my period?

Yes you can fall pregnant as you will ovulate before you have a period. If you feel you are not quite ready yet to try for another baby please use contraception

Can ya fall pregnant if ya on the depo injection and havent had a period?

If you have not ever in your life had a period then no but if you have had your period before then yes it is VERY possible

Is it possible to get pregnant 16 days after menstruation?

Yes, it is definitely in the higher range of days to get pregnant. For a woman to get pregnant, she needs to ovulate (release a mature egg from her ovaries). For most women, ovulation occurs about 14 days after her period. But it can vary from month to month and/or for each woman. So it is possible that 16 days after your period, that you could fall pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant during periods?

Technically no, but it depends on when you ovulate - sperm can last in the uterus for up to 5 days, and if you ovulate very early in your cycle, then it is technically possible to fall pregnant. But highly unlikely. Average cycle is 28 days long, the first day of your period is the first day of your cycle, so if your period is 5 days long and you have sex on the last day of you period, the sperm can live until day 12 of your cycle. Most women with a 28-day cycle will ovulate on day 14 of their cycle, so you can see how it could be possible to fall pregnant during your period. You usually ovulate 14 days before the start of your new period.

Is it possible to fall pregnant while not menstruating?

It's not that common to fall pregnant when you bleed but it has happened but you might mean ovulating? The egg is only available for 1 day but the sperm can live inside for 5 days so if you have sex 5 days before there is still a risk. A orgasm can also make you start ovulating again. If you mean that you have never had your period before then yes, there is also a risk because you ovulate before you starts to bleed.

Will you still get your period if you fall pregnant the day before your period?

Yes you can have a period still if you become pregnant before it, but the chances of that happening are slim. In a 28 day cycle ovulation takes place around day 14 -18 in the cycle and if the egg is not fertilized in that time the body will begin to prepare for a period. Sperm can stay alive in the uterus for 5-6 days, so if you had sex on day 12 of your cycle you could get pregnant very easily. Usually by the time you are ready to start your period all of this has all ready happened and the egg is no longer in the uterus and that is why you will have a period.

Can a women get pregnant a few days before her period?

No, not under normal circumstances. as by this time the ovum that was released on approximately your 14th day would be definitely gone. On an average 28 day cycle the time to fall pregnant is by having sex between days 10 and days 16 from the first day of bleeding, The further you get away from those particular days the lower the chance of pregnancy.AnswerYes.

What is chances of pregnancy 3 days after period?

It depends on when your period started and on the length of your menstrual cycle. On an average 28 day cycle the time to fall pregnant is by having sex between days 10 and days 16 from the first day of bleeding, The further you get away from those particular days the lower the chance of pregnancy.