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if you had more then one person yes you could!

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Q: Can you catch a Falling Jenga tower?
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When playing Janga are you allowed to catch the bricks before they fall and continue play?

If playing by regulation Jenga rules, once the tower topples, the game is over. The last person to successfully place a piece without the tower falling is the winner. House rules could include being able to catch and right the toppling tower to continue play if all players are in agreement.

What is the computer game where you remove blocks from a tower?


Is there a game beginning with J?

Jenga, the wood-tower game.

A name for a game of Jenga with questions and about puberty?

Puberta or Puberty Tower

What does jenga mean?

The term jenga is a Swahili word meaning 'to build'... Jenga is also a game of skill (successively marketed by a number of toy manufacturers since the early 1980s). The game challenges participants to take turns carefully removing wooden blocks from a tower comprised of such blocks without collapsing the structure. When the tower finally, inevitably collapses, the participants shout "Jenga!" As the expression was used in the 2011 movie 'Paul,' the diminutive alien muttered, 'THAT'S Jenga,' in two instances (when people collapsed or were crushed), alluding to the game's collapsing tower.

How can you make a model simulation of the twin tower collapse?

2 sets of Jenga? I don't really know...

Why is the game Jenga called Jenga?

Jenga is a Swahilan word that means "towerimg blocks."

Which game gets its name from the Swahili verb to build?

The game is Jenga, which is derived from the Swahili word "kujenga" meaning "to build." In the game, players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower and balancing it on top, thus simulating the process of building a tower.

How do you catch a falling star?

You can't catch a falling star, it is in space.

How do you play jenga?

you make the tower and the go pulling briks out and the one wich makes it fall loses

When was Catch a Falling Star created?

Catch a Falling Star was created in 1957.

Who made the game Jenga?

Leslie Scott created Jenga