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Play lots of games! If you want to cheat than you could use a word unscrambler.

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Q: How do you get points quick on live search games?
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How do you get more points in mathletics?

Play Mathletics games and "live".

Is it possible to swallow a sword and live?

Yes. A quick You-Tube search will yield definitive video evidence.

Can you buy Xbox 360 gamer points but not Microsoft points?

No. You earn gamer points playing games, Microsoft points are to buy things on the xbox live market place.

Can you search for Co-Op players in Borderlands?

yes. go to xbox live area and either custom match or quick match

How could one buy games online with Microsoft Points?

Microsoft points are the virtual currency of the Xbox Live marketplace. Games can be purchased from the currency and used as "real" money. Microsoft points can be acquired from stores such as Wal-Mart of Gamestop.

Live search club help I need a faster way to get tickets on Live Search Club any suggestions?

I think the games that you find things in are easiest. In an hour I can get 600 tickets.

What can you get under 70 Microsoft points on xbox live?

The cheapest i can find are 80 MS Points or more. For 80 MSP go to Indie Games.

When was Live at the Quick created?

Live at the Quick was created on 2002-02-26.

What do xbox live points get you?

Microsoft Points allow you to purchase digital downloaded content on your console. If you are talking about your achievement points those just are there to show gamers how much you have earned by playing games.

How much do Saturday night live writers get paid?

This information is not available but a quick web search suggests that screenwriters could make around 30,000 a year.

How do you get free prestige points in racing live?

you need to jail break your iphone or ipod touch. Then when you have installous on your device, search racing live and download the 300 perstige package and then go back to you original game and you will have 300 free points! Hope this helps

When you buy Xbox live Microsoft points what do you do with them?

They are used to purchase music vids. Movies and most arcade games.