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I don't know the exact meaning of your question, you want to buy a pet to protect your home ? if so, that's a good idea; and also you can build a room for your pet~

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Q: Can you buy an outdoor pet to get an outdoor room?
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How do you buy an outdoor at webkinz?

To buy an outdoor yard, go to the map in your pet's room. Click the button that says 'Buy a Room' and then there will be a selection of different rooms. Click outdoor yard and it should cost 1000KC. Pick where you want it to go, and voila! you have an outdoor yard!

Where in pet society can you buy aquariums?

You can buy it in the outdoor store, in the fish category.

How do you get a yard on Webkinz?

go to your room clickmap ---- then click $buy ---- click where you want your backyard to be ---- and click outdoor room [ an outdoor room is $1000 ] ----

How can you bye a bin pet from binweevils?

you have to buy a second room in your house and then you can get a pet.

Where do you uy the animals from on pet society?

YOU CANT BUY ANIMALS ON PET SOCIETY by citlalyYou actually can buy animals on Pet Society and you get them at the 'Outdoor' store. You then look at the bottom of the screen and click 'petlings' -iamsocrazy

Where do rabbits want to live?

Rabbits love to live inside. You can buy a cage from your local pet store. you can make it an indoor pet or an outdoor pet. my rabit is an outdoor pet and it lives in a metal cage that i made myself. i let it inside sometimes and it romes around.

How do you buy the under water webkinz room?

go to the map, click buy a room, if you have a fish pet (manatie,dolphin,whale,fish you get the point)you can buy an under water room. you NEED a fish pet for an under water room. im not a good speller

How to get on garden on Webkinz?

Go to your house and buy an outdoor yard. Then go to the wshop and buy seeds. Go back to the outdoor room and put them anywhere you like. Come back every day to water and rake your plant. When you harvest the plant you will get a fruit or veggie. Feedit to your pet and it will boost the happy health and hunger meaters!

How do you name your pet on tinier me?

Don't you first buy the pet, then you like go to your room maybe and try all the buttons for your pet. Or the thing to name it should appear after you buy the pet.

When was The Outdoor Room created?

The Outdoor Room was created in 2008.

How do you make your room a gold status on pet party?

buy stuff

What is the duration of The Outdoor Room?

The duration of The Outdoor Room is 1320.0 seconds.