How do you get a yard on Webkinz?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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go to your room clickmap ---- then click $buy ---- click where you want your backyard to be ---- and click outdoor room [ an outdoor room is $1000 ] ----

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Q: How do you get a yard on Webkinz?
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How does your pet go outside in webkinz world?

you have to purchase an outdoor yard you have to purchase an outdoor yard

Can you rake the leaves in webkinz world?

no, the leaves in your yard are just for decoration.

You want a yard on webkinz?

click on the map on the top left hand corner.Then click on buy.Click on where you want your yard to be.Click on the green box.

Where is mount 'kinz on webkinz?

if you look in your outside yard there are some mountains in the scenery. those are mt kinz. you can't actually visit the mountain, but it is featured in the webkinz stories and challenges

What is the price of a webkinz without a tag at a yard sale?

It can only be decided with the seller. Usually 2-10+ $

How can you get a yard in Webkinz?

to get a yard, do the following. 1.go to a room and click on the map on something that says "add a room" or "buy a room" on a space to put the yard 4.finally,click on the rectangle underneath "outdoor yard"

On Webkinz can you connect two yards together?

No you will have to go through a door to get there. You can have two yards next to each other but no jumbo yard.

How do you buy an outdoor at webkinz?

To buy an outdoor yard, go to the map in your pet's room. Click the button that says 'Buy a Room' and then there will be a selection of different rooms. Click outdoor yard and it should cost 1000KC. Pick where you want it to go, and voila! you have an outdoor yard!

You bought a webkinz at a yard sale will it work?

you will probably just be getting the toy and not the code. if you do get the code it eill probably already be used. ilj

Will there be a Webkinz JR If so what's it all about?

YES! There will be a webkinz JR, it is coming out in April 2009 and is a mini webkinz with a house for your little ones with a bedroom,playroom,kitchen,bathroom,front-yard, and Backyard. In Webkinz JR there is also a park, post-office, doctor, school, house, w-shop and play-house, to go on the website just click on the link below the title RELATED LINKS.

What is the webkinz theme song?

it goes like this.oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, the gayest thing on earth,oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, oh it will make you hurl,oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, it is for such retards,oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, completely copied neopetssorry. I'm actually pretty sure it doesn't have a theme song.

Are there unlockables on Webkinz?

when you buy webkinz or webkinz items it unlocks things on webkinz