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Cartilage tears, you might consider that a break i suppose.

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Q: Can you break ear cartilage
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If your cartilage breaks does it repair itself?

Cartilage can break in some instances. There are multiple types of cartilage in the body. The cartilage in the ear is an elastic cartilage, so it is much more flexible and less likely to break.

Can you break your ear cartlidge?

all cartilage can shatter. But dont worry,Theres LESS chance in getting the nose cartilage to shatter.

Ear cartilage piercing?

Ear cartilage piercing, yes and................

The cartilage that provides support for the larynx and external ear?

elastic cartilage supports the external ear

Do ear bones crack like other bones?

Yes, ear bones can break, but they're probably the least likely to break because they're so well protected by the surrounding cartilage and the scull.

What is the visible cartilage part of the ear?

The pinna or auricle is the visible cartilage part of the ear.

What cartilage do in your ears?

Learn to speak English. lol jk what ears do in ur cartilage?

Swollen outer ear?

The symptom of a swollen outer ear can be perichondritis, an ear cartilage infection caused by bacteria. Another symptom is pain. A cause for this condition can be injury of ear cartilage due to factors like cartilage piercing or ear surgery.

Does Hannah Montana have a ear piercing in the cartilage of her ear?


Supports the external ear?

elastic cartilage

Where is cartilage found in adults?

cartilage is like in the top of your ear!

Is your ear bone or cartilage?

The human ear (the bit that sticks out of the side of your head) is made of cartilage. However, inside the ear (in the middle hear behind the eardrum) there are 3 bones (the stirrup, the hammer and the anvil) made of bone.