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That depends on whether the ten year-old has started their period yet or not.

You cannot be pregnant when you are ten without your period.

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Q: Can you become pregnant at the age of ten?
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Should you be pregnant at the age of ten?

No. you should not have sex at the age of ten.

Can you become pregnant at age 46?

yes you can

Can a ten year old girl become pregnant?

If she has started puberty she can.

What is the age for when you can get pregnant?

A woman's ability to become pregnant is not dependent on her age. It is a question of whether the woman's body is able and far enough developed to become pregnant. Typically the availability to become pregnant is tied closely to the beginning of a woman's menstrual cycle which typically does not happen until puberty (generally between the age of 12 - 14).

Which is the best age to become pregnant?

There is no perfect age, but the is an optimal range, 18-30.

Can you get pregnant at the age of 47?

If you are pre-menopausal (menstruation/your period has not stopped), then it is possible to become pregnant.

What is the percentage for teens to get pregnant from sex?

One third of girls become pregnant before the age of 20

Can a ten year old boy become a wizard?

No. (Age is not relevant.)

What if you get a girl pregnant at age 15?

Than She can become the yougest grandmother in the world.

Is it possible for a 15 year old to become pregnant?

as long as the girl has her menstruation ansd is healthy she can get pregnant despite her age

Is a child in New York automatically emancipated at the age of eighteen if they become pregnant?

The age of majority in New York is 18, therefore it is not relevant if the young woman is pregnant or not when it pertains to her being of legal age.

If two girls kiss each other for ten second on the lips will they become pregnant?

They will not!! A woman cannot get another woman pregnant no matter how hard they try!