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yes you can have a uti during pregnancy

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Q: Can you be pregnant if you have a uti?
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Could you be a week pregnant with a uti?

Yes, you can get pregnant while you have a UTI.

Is it possible to become pregnant if you have UTI?

Yes, you can still get pregnant when you have a UTI.

Can you become pregnant during uti infection?

Yes, you can get pregnant while you have a UTI.

Can UTI prevent you from getting pregnant?

You can still get pregnant with a UTI. A UTI during pregnancy can raise the risk of preterm labor.

Do you have the chance to pregnant even you have uti?

Yes, the uti will not work as a contraceptive.

Can uti test's test if your pregnant?

UTI tests are designed to test for infection. If you want to know if you are pregnant, buy a pregnancy test or ask a doctor to test you.

You are 5 days overdue for your period and you now have a UTI could you be pregnant?

It is possible that pregnancy took place given the 5 days overdue. Having a UTI does not mean one is pregnant, although the risk for a UTI is increased during pregnancy. It is a matter of association, but not causality.

Is it bad being pregnant and having a UTI?

Yes, go to the doctor.

Can a severe UTI effect the results of pregnancy test?

Sometimes. So if you really think ur pregnant then wait until the UTI is out of your sysytem and take a test.

Brown discharge 2 days before regular periods can be pregnant?

No. It means that you have a uti

I haven't had my period in 6 months and i might habe a uti should i be worried about this?

or you can be pregnant.

Is spotting orange while urinating common while 8 weeks pregnant?

No it could be a UTI