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Sometimes. So if you really think ur pregnant then wait until the UTI is out of your sysytem and take a test.

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Q: Can a severe UTI effect the results of pregnancy test?
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What could affect the positive results for a pregnancy test?

A medication with HCG will effect the pregnancy test results. Nothing else apart from this will effect a test result.

Can fibroids effect pregnancy test results?


If you think to much of the pregnancy can that effect the results of the pregnancy test?

No. Pregnancy is a biological issue, and no matter what you think (positive or negative), it will not effect the pregnancy test.

Can hypoglycemia effect pregnancy test results?

No. The pregnancy test is only effected by hCG (the pregnancy hormone).

Can medicine tamper with pregnancy test?

No,anti biotics and or birthcontrol do not effect results of a pregnancy test.

Currently on vicodin and want to take a pregnancy test. Will the medication effect the pregnancy test results?


Does UTI medication effect results of pregnancy test?

No, neither UTI nor antibiotics affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

Does taking the antibiotic azithromycin effect the results on a home pregnancy test?

Azithromycin won't affect a pregnancy test; pregnancy tests are dependant on hormone levels and azithromycin antibiotic doesn't affect hormone levels.

What is the best time of day to take a early pregnancy test?

I don't think the time of day has any effect on the results you get.(:

Soma can it affect periods or pregnancy test results?


Does your period effect a pregnancy test?

Vaginal bleeding does not affect a pregnancy test.

On the results of what test results is diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy usually made?

presentation of symptoms, a positive pregnancy test, and detection of a pregnancy outside of the uterus by means of ultrasonography