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presentation of symptoms, a positive pregnancy test, and detection of a pregnancy outside of the uterus by means of ultrasonography

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Q: On the results of what test results is diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy usually made?
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Is an ectopic pregnancy good or bad?

Ectopic pregnancies are very dangerous. Usually fatal for the fetus, it can also endanger the life of the mother and frequently results in a loss of fertility. Ectopic pregnancies result when a fertilized egg attaches outside of the uterus.

What is pregnancy in which the fertilized egg is implanted to develop outside the uterus?

A fertilized egg which begins to develop and implants outside the uterus, is an ectopic pregnancy. It is often a medical emergency by the time it is discovered. Many ectopic pregnancies involve implantation in the Fallopian tubes, where it can also be called eccyesis or tubal pregnancy.

Today you took a pregnancy test it was negative im on day 37 of your cycle im usually 29 day cycle what do you do next can this be an ectopic pregnancy?

If it was an ectopic pregnancy, you would still show positive on a pregnancy test. Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms? I would not consider pregnancy unless you feel you may be pregnant from some other sign.

Does an ectopic pregnancy have to be terminated?

Yes. if a pregnancy has started outside the uterus it cannot survive and is extremely dangerous for the mother. Well, a baby cannot survive during an ectopic pregnancy. So the pregnancy will either be terminated or the baby will be lost before it is terminated.

How does a etopic pregnancy happen?

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilised egg attaches itself outside the cavity of the uterus (womb). The majority of ectopic pregnancies are found in the Fallopian tubes. In rare cases, the egg attaches itself in one of the ovaries, the cervix (neck of the womb) or another organ within the pelvis. An ectopic pregnancy is not usually capable of surviving and in most instances an embryo is not developed. An ectopic pregnancy will spontaneously miscarry. The majority of women diagnosed will have to be operated on or treated with medication.

If you have a tubal pregnancy will it read on a pregnancy test?

Most pregnancy tests test for the presence of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in the woman's blood or urine. Ectopic pregnancies are usually picked up by home pregnancy tests however it is possible that do to lower levels of hCG that sometimes result from ectopic pregnancies you could get a false negative. Ectopic pregancies can potentially become very dangeros, if you suspect that you may have an ectopic pregnancy even if a home pregnancy test is negative, it would be wise to see a physician. For more info check out

Could you have an ectopic pregnancy if you are bleeding every month but you feel pregnant?

An ectopic pregnancy usually becomes apparent around 5-6 weeks as the growing pregnancy stretches the Fallopian tube and may burst it. Most of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy can also be signs /symptoms of other conditions. see a doctor.

Where does Ectopic Pregnancy usually occur?

in your filopain tube (however you spell that) if you have one it will hav eto be removed though

What stage does tube rupture in ectopic pregnancy?

From what I have read, it is usually around 6 weeks. If you have signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, you should get to the hospital as soon as possible because it can be life threatening. Here is a website that tells you about the symptoms and explains everything.

What is done when you have a ectopic pregnancy?

Well there are usually a small handful of possibilities that comes to treating an ectopic pregnancy. One, the ectopic pregnancy dies and the mothers body reabsorbs the egg and at times is never even detected and the woman might have never even known she was pregnant. If you encountered a positive pregnancy test then a later did another one and it came back negative, that could have been a possibility that it was an ectopic pregnancy. Or the other possibility with an ectopic pregnancy is that the tube that is holding the ectopic pregnancy may rupture causing severe abdominal pain and may cause extreme complications and surgery may be needed. If the ectopic pregnancy is detected by a physician, then he/she may prescribe a drug called methotrexate, which is injected into a muscles and ends the pregnancy. If the embryo is small enough doctors can remove the embryo through laparoscopic surgery and can usually save the tube. In this situation, a general anesthetic will be used and you will need to take about a week to recover. * * * You will most likely have to undergo minor surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy or you can be prescribed medication that will end the pregnancy.

Chances of giving birth with an ectopic pregnancy?

There is not enough room or environment for the healthy growth and delivery of a baby anywhere outside the womb. The fetus will not be able to develop normally. Most often, as the ectopic embryo starts to grow, it will burst the organ that contains it. While ectopic encompasses any organ outside of the womb, such as the opening of the cervix, etc., this is usually the fallopian tube (also known as a tubal pregnancy). Rupturing of an organ will cause bleeding, severe pain, and even death for the mother.

How can an ectopic pregnancy occur?

An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg stays in the Fallopian tube instead of moving into the uterus. As it grows it can rupture the tube and cause serious bleeding so it is a medical emergency. Past infections or other narrowings of the tube can be a cause. Usually no cause is identified.