Can women menstruate and not produce eggs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can women menstruate and not produce eggs?
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Related questions

Why do boys not menstruate and do not bear children?

Because they do not produce ovaries (eggs)

What are the pills that allows women to menstruate again?

it's call "menopause" that means no more eggs EVAR

Why do some women fail to menstruate?

No women fail to menstruate. It comes naturally.

Which hormones help a women produce and mature eggs?

Follicle stimulating hormone from anterior pituitary help women to produce mature eggs.

Does every female get her period?

No, not every female gets her period. If talking exclusively of those who are biologically female there are those who don't have the anatomy to menstruate or their bodies don't produce the hormones needed to have a menstrual cycle. Pre-pubescent girls don't menstruate and women past menopause don't menstruate, also women who are pregnant won't menstruate during pregnancy (sometimes for longer if they breastfeed), and women who have a hysterectomy to remove the uterus.

Where do women menstruate out of?

Their body

Where does women's sperm come from?

Women do not produce sperm ! Women produce eggs - which are developed in their ovaries !

Do trans women menstruate?

No, transwomen do not have uteruses or ovaries. Transwomen cannot menstruate or bear children.

Do female African greys menstruate?

No female bird menstruates. They lay eggs, they do not have live birth, there is no reason to menstruate or anything to do it with.

Do women menstruate during pregnancy?


What did wealthy women use during menstruation?

They had peasant women menstruate for them!