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No, vitamin supplements cannot cause your period to come a week early - vitamin supplements are just vitamins, like what you'd consume with a healthy diet. Although Vitamin C in high doses can induce your period if it is due as it starves the uterus of progesterone.

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Q: Can vitamin supplements cause your period to come a week early?
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Period come early from stress?

Stress can cause your period to be early, late, or even skip a month.

What should you do if your a teenage girl who hasn't had her period?

Don't worry about it. Some girls can start getting their period as early as eight, and some as late as seventeen. Its all to do with her body-clock, so its nothing to worry about. She'll get her period eventually, and the later she gets it the less teen years she'll have to be annoyed by the monthly.

Why did you get your period 15days after your last period?

If you're on birth control and have missed any pills this can result in a early period. Alternatively pregnancy, irregular periods or hormone imbalance can also cause a early period.

Does a calcium and vitamin D deficiency in early childhood cause Talipes?

No, talipes is a congenital deformity, it is not caused by nutritional deficiency.

What causes for early period?

Timing is a genetic thing. Also soy milk at a young age can cause early puberty.

Can thrush cause your period to come early?

I'm not sure, but I do have thrush and twice now, my period has come early. I will ask my practitioner, and you should do the same. Keep us posted!

What could be the cause of bad cramps and heavy period-like bleeding that's too early to be my period?

First off what do you mean it's too early to be my period? Are you talking about age wise or month wise?

Will doubling up on birth control cause a period to come early?

No but it may cause nausea, breast tenderness or headaches.

What is the prognosis for scurvy?

Treatment with vitamin C is usually successful, if the deficiency is recognized early enough. Left untreated, the condition can cause death.

What would cause bleeding a week early?

The following will cause early bleeding: * Irregular period * Pregnancy * UTI * Hormonal Imbalance * Stopping birth control * Starting birth control

Which vitamin is produced under the skin in the early morning sunlight?

Vitamin D.

What medical condition can cause a woman to have sensitive nipples?

close to period