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Vinegar will not harm a pregnancy.

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Q: Can vinegar cause a miscarriage at a week?
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Can drinking vinegar cause a miscarriage?

No. Drinking any amount of vinegar will not cause a miscarriage at any point of time in a pregnancy. It's definitely NOT a good idea to try to end a pregnancy by taking any household preparations or drugs unsupervised. No other preparations should be used to attempt causing a miscarriage. Most will not work, and none will work safely. Trying to cause a miscarriage without the guidance of a physician may cause serious damage to a woman's body and health

Can inserting vinegar in your vagina cause a miscarriage?

No and there is no reason to put any food up there.

How much vinegar is needed to have an miscarriage?

Vinegar will not make you miscarry.

How is much blood loss would be there at 5 weeks if i had a miscarriage?

Typically, a five week miscarriage would cause bleeding like a period.

What can cause a miscarriage if you have been pregnant for one week?

Something as simple as a sneeze can cause you to miscarriage. Generally, however, you don't know that you're one week along and can miscarry without knowing that you were pregnant. This miscarriage type of miscarriage can result in some heavier-than-normal bleeding and such.

Can laxatives cause miscarriage if you are one week pregnant?

You can safely use mild laxatives when pregnant.

Can eating salt and vinegar chips cause miscarriage?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that eating salt and vinegar chips can cause miscarriage. However, consuming excessive amounts of salt can lead to health issues, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet during pregnancy. If you have concerns about your diet and pregnancy, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider.

Can physical activity cause a miscarriage?

No, normal physical activity does not cause miscarriage.

Can a miscarriage cause vaginal irritation?

A miscarriage may cause vaginal irritation.

Can antihistamine cause miscarriage in early pregnancy took it for 1 week not knowing i was pregnant it looks like it was the week of implantation as i had a positive pregnancy then stopped?

Can not find anything that would indicate that they can cause a miscarriage. The safest ones to use during pregnancy is Loratadine or Chlorphenamine. If you can not take those your doctor might give you Cetirizine. Seems like you had a miscarriage because the zygote was not viable. Happens in about a third of all pregnancies.

Can the smell of cat litter cause a miscarriage?

No, the smell of cat litter cannot cause a miscarriage.

Can LSD cause a miscarriage?

Yes. LSD is known to cause uterus contractions, which can induce a miscarriage.