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Yes but you can't block them again in the next 2-3 days .

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Q: Can unblock someone the same day you blocked them?
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You are now blocked from bebo because you messed up the sign up thing how can you unblock yourself?

Just Wait A Day And It Should Work .

How long to unlock Facebook account for too many failed login attempts?

wait a day

How do you unblock friends on MySpace?

yes you can unblock friends on myspace i did it today so not being rude dont say you cant unblock friends :) have a nice day (can leave comments)

How do you unblock your panda on panfu?

ehem wait the next day

How do you open facebook if it's been blocked via netgear?

You can't open Facebook if its been blocked.. And if it's blocked then it was for a reason, probably because they are adding something on Facebook or someone reported you, and if someone reported you it only last's a week or so. But if i is because Facebook it adding or rebooting it only last's 2 day's or so.

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How do you unblock somebody on Facebook?

First Go up to the corner where it says "Home" then next to that should me an arrow then go on "Privacy Settings" then scroll down to the bottom where it says " Blocked People and Apps". Then go to " Manage Blocking" then click on the person you want to unblock.P.S This works great & might come in handy i blocked one of my friends by accident so hope this information goes in use one day. bye :)

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