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The Birth Control pill can change vaginal discharge, but a yellow discharge is a possible sign of infection. See your health care provider as soon as possible.

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Q: Can the birth control pill cause a yellow discharge without odor?
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Does birth control increase vaginal discharge?

Some methods of birth control increase vaginal discharge, and others decrease discharge. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist for information specific to your situation.

Can the birth control patch cause cramping and discharge?


Does birth control cause white vaginal discharge?

Some women complain of an increase in vaginal discharge on hormonal birth control. This discharge has no odor or itch. If it's troublesome, contact your health care provider for advice.

Can the birth control pill cause discharge?

Some women notice an increased white discharge after starting the birth control pill, without odor, itching or irritation. This is called leukorrhea, and if you find it troublesome, your health care provider may be able to change to a different mix of hormones.

Can the birth control pill cause brown or black discharge?

Yes, the birth control pill can cause brown or black discharge. Any amount of brown, black, or red discharge is considered a "period" or withdrawal bleed when you're on the pill.

Should you get a brownish discharge between periods whilst on the pill and continued without a break after antibiotics?

Most antibiotics don't affect the birth control pill. Spotting, whether brown, black, or red, is common after taking the birth control pill continuously without a break.

Is white discharge normal after starting birth control?

yes it is completely normal.

Spot bleeding during the week of your period on birth control?

Any amount of brown or red spotting or discharge counts as a period on birth control.

Can birth control pills cause a change in the color and smell of vaginal discharge?


Can stopping the birth control pill cause breast discharge?

No. Go to your OB/GYN

Where is birth control available without parental consent?

Birth control is available in all 50 states without parental consents.

Does the birth control implant cause prolonged brown discharge?

The birth control implant can cause irregular bleeding or spotting. The color may be red, brown, or black.

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