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Yes it can. when you take that it can destroy part of you sex organs

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Q: Can taking ecstasy pills stop you from having kids in the future?
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How do stop taking ecstasy?

Stop popping the pills?

What is the past present and future tense of take?

present - take, takes or am/is/are taking He takes 10 pills everyday. I ma only taking 5 pills everyday. past - took or was/were taking I took my pills this morning. I was taking too many pills before. future - will take, going to take, am/is/are taking I am going to take my pills tomorrow. They are taking their pills on Friday.

Can you get a prison sentence for taking ecstasy?

If you still have some pills on you, yes. && if you are driving while rolling.

What are the effects of taking ecstasy pills with a heart murmur?

dont take them they are a strong drug and can kill you.

How much ecstasy can kill you?

For some people, and in certain circumstances, one pill is enough to kill you. You never know what is inside the pills you buy as ecstasy. Taking ecstasy is a risky thing to do...

What are smacker pills?

Ecstasy (MDMA) pills.

How many ectasy pills is 4.5 pounds?

There's no way to truly tell because all ecstasy pills weigh a different amount. I suggest taking 1 ecstasy pill, weighing it, and then multiplying the weight until you get your answer.

What will happen if you took 2 ecstasy pills and you just found out you are 6 weeks pregnant will this harm your baby in any way if you quit taking ecstasy pills until after the birth?

See the Related Link. It might help you.

How many ecstasy pills is a boat?

1,000 pills

Common drugs that are abused?

marijuana sleeping pills cocaine and ecstasy marijuana sleeping pills cocaine and ecstasy

How long for mdma to take effect?

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What chemicals are in ecstasy pills?

Class a

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